15 Signs That You’re Finally Getting Your Shit Together

Heres the checklist ive been looking for.

Thought Catalog

Leo HidalgoLeo Hidalgo

1. You can afford the occasional splurge without wondering how you’re going to make rent.

Going out to dinner or attending a wedding no longer breaks the bank. You can lend a friend money if they’re in need or deal with an emergency if you have to. Your finances may not be plentiful but they’re in order and you’re proud of your ability to manage them.

2. You take pride in your appearance.

Whether you dress to the nines every day or simply throw on a t-shirt and go, you are confident in how you present yourself. Your outward appearance matches how you feel inside and it’s a damn good look.

3. You live a healthy lifestyle that gives you natural energy.

You no longer survive solely off espressos and naps. You’re taking care of yourself physically and it’s manifesting itself as a natural source of energy. You…

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