Maybe I’m crazy but for now I’ll just call it being in love.

What we had probably wasn’t love but it wasn’t just fun either.

Tonight I’m not sure if I was crossing the line, I drove over to someones house and put their gift in their mailbox.  I feel like that’s weird, a little too much but my heart was set on making a statement and I’m not sure if I did because I didn’t even get a response.

I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life and don’t get me started with controlling my feelings.  Right now, I was be angry, I want be a crazy ex girlfriend who burns clothes and throws them out the window but I can’t, I have no reason to be angry.  It’s not like he cheated or left me for another girl,  its just another case of life sucks which really sucks.

I’m stupid.  I’m really sorry for anyone who has to deal with me but when I get into relationships, I go all the way in and it just so painful.  I want the other person to feel my pain, but he won’t.  He’ll read my letter just like he reads facebook status’.

What was I trying to prove?  I feel like I was trying to prove to myself that I’m worth it and if I have something to say, I should and I did.  I guess I should feel happy about that… right?


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