The future of the Library

The future of the library doesn’t necessarily mean only moving with the times; becoming digital.  That’s the future of books, not the library. The future of the library means becoming more connected with each other to promote creativity and ideas.

In order to understand where the library is going, it is important to know where it came from. The library use to be the only source of information, use to be filled with books and librarians who would hiss at any sound. The function of a library was isolating, it was meant to be an environment that was quiet and full of books.   Nowadays, the libraries are losing their visitors.  People no longer need to use public computers because they have their own at home. People no longer need to check out books because they have a kindle that makes it easy to buy new books with the touch of a button.  Even though libraries are losing their popularity, that does not mean they are obsolete.

This library will be colorful; full of vibrant and bold colors such as green, blue and yellow.  It will have separate rooms that embody certain emotions such as creativity, emotion and if needed, solitude. It will be comfortable and stylish, including different areas with different textiles and different chairs.  The library will have natural lighting and have an open concept layout, so each of the spaces is interconnected. It will have study rooms and the walls will be made of glass and so will the tables.  This is designed for the students to be able to write on the tables and walls in order to share their ideas.  Students are now teaching each other and it is important for the future of the library to be designed for the upcoming generation.  They share their lives on social media; it is in their nature to want to share what they think in the classroom. I believe in the future of the library.

Although, I believe that the function of it will change. It will no longer be solitary, but it will become an environment that is designed for communication and interaction. Students are now collaborating on class projects more than ever. It is a new way of learning which means they need an environment to get things done, together.  They need a space that promotes conversation, communication and interaction between them.

Lastly, even though paper is going out of style, I cannot have a library without books.  Books have the potential of such a powerful connection between the reader and the book.  One may take it wherever, write in it, fold the end of the pages to remember where they left off.  A book is a journey, one may cry, laugh and hug the book and it’s the not the same without having it in the flesh.  The library will have a system where all the books can be checked out on an e-reader but will also have the option of checking out an actual book.  It’s important to have both options, just because the world is moving into a digital age, that doesn’t mean everyone is ready for it.

All in all, the library of the future does not mean it will have the latest computers and the coolest new products but it will be a space that promotes learning in a new way.  We forget why we use to go to the library; it is an environment that makes us want to learn and inspires us to actually finish that English essay. The future of library is to design a space that makes people want to get things done.


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