Let’s Vent

I’ve been having too many bun days, too many too lazy to put on makeup days, too many good enough days lately.  A few days ago I noticed the difference between loving fashion and trends.  I realized I don’t follow trends in a way where I can’t wear anything BUT what’s in.  I’ve been nominated for “most fashionable” for the senior superlatives, like its nice that people recognize good taste but, I  did not need to validated.  If you know you look good and you feel good, there’s no need for a photo in a yearbook to complete you.

I’ve been without my parents for three weeks, they have been working out of town.  I really do miss my mom and all the crazy things she does.  I know she loves me unconditionally through all my little episodes.  She’s the person I could truly be myself and unfiltered even though we get into some ugly fights most of the time.  Shes the woman who has made me the woman I am.  I know she hasn’t made some good choices but, who’s perfect?


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