What the hell is this.

I need to write right now.  I can not handle this day anymore.  So sick of all these people being so fake! Like common, if you’re gonna tell a story, tell both parts. 

The worst part of today was probably when I sat in TooJays and began to ball out my eyes.  Like what the heck dude, I was crying while waiting for my burger.  Why can’t my parents understand my lifestyle and get that it’s not all about them! I swear to God, if someone could PLEASE explain that they need to get over themselves and stop acting like their children are suppose to serve them.  Okay, I’m gonna get a life and move away from you.  You guys create such a toxic environment, that kills me slowly.  Like why can’t you see, that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  Not swimming, not key club, not fashion design but it’s the fact that you think I’m suppose to be superwoman and be at twenty places at once, caring to all your needs while still making good grades.  Like fuck off. Let me breathe.


Wednesday’s always suck


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