Thrusday Night

Well technically it’s already Friday, but it’s not the next day till I fall asleep.  Well later today, I have a pretty busy schedule, meaning, SUPER EE FUN DAY.  Yeah right.  I really do like my topic, but starting school makes me so nervous, so much pressure and I really just don’t want to do anything. Anyways let’s talk about this summer.

I am so pleased that this summer was not as depressing as last year, it was so much fun, I’ve met some cool people & gotten close to others.  I have a really good feeling about my senior year.  I don’t understand those who want to finish high school asap, senior year is where it’s at! I feel so refreshed, I feel brand new.  I am no longer angry for no reason, no longer am I holding on to whats been gone.  It feels good to be happy and not pretend.  Before I couldn’t tell the difference between pretending and being for real.

A few new things are swimming. I joined the SEHS swim team, I have a new appreciation for swimmers, and I feel so stupid for thinking I knew how to swim! LOL, what. I am also co president of Humans For Humans.  I really want to guide the club in the right direction,no more bullshit.

As for me love life, its going pretty well with this new guy.  He’s a big older, but nothing scary. As long as marriage isn’t in the picture, I’m good.


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