Summer Thinking

Summer is the time to reflect, on the year, and how things have changed.  Right now, my two brothers, mom and dad, left to Miami to work.  I’m just here, chilling.  I could go and do whatever I want, but I’m here, at home listening to Battle Born by The Killers.  I realized life is only half fulfilled if you do things alone, its nice to have a moment to share with someone, don’t you think?  

Looking back at Junior Year, I realized how unhappy, uncomfortable and unfulfilled I felt.  Going into Senior year, I want to build friendships and create unforgettable moments.  I don’t want to argue or be angry, I mean it only gets you so far.  I don’t want to be right all the time, nor do I need to be understood, THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL, it’s suppose to be fun.  Its amazing how much I’ve learned this year, going into it, I knew it would be hard but no way did I think it would change me for the better.  



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