Dear You.

Sometimes one needs a fresh start, but is stuck in the past.  How could one leave when there are so many unanswered questions?  I know you’re sick of hearing from me but I can’t ignore the fact that you have meant so much to be since the beginning of high school.  I already know how stupid I am going to sound and have sounded.

You are the coolest guy I ever met.  Something about you keeps attracting me, maybe its the way you drive your car, yell “FUCK YEAH” when we were on our way to see stars.  Most likely, its your dark hair and glasses and the “I could do it all by myself” attitude.  Of course, I have no control over my feelings or the way things turn out.  I have spent days, overthinking, going over ever detail and moment to understand what went wrong.  Would it have been better for the both of us if we just never met? I shouldn’t have joined marching band.  I’m sorry, but you gave me the greatest memories of my high school career.  We didn’t need to talk everyday or even for long, but when we did, I knew it was forever.  There was something between us no one could understand, we were in our own world.  Its so difficult to move through life no being with you, or even talking to you.  You gave me happiness and life to my soul.  Everything with you felt so natural.  How do you make it look so easy, you know, getting over someone?  It makes me feel like I never met anything to do, like it didn’t matter what happened in the end.

Was it because I was too forward? Did you feel like you HAD to like me because I did?  Was it because of a girll…

I’m sorry for any kind of trouble I caused you.  I wish we could’ve sat down and talked. 

Oh well, things happen for a reason.


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